Beautiful Window Dressing Ideas

Beautiful Window Dressing Ideas

Are you looking for window dressing ideas that you could use to give your home the perfect look? While working on your home you’ll need to pay sufficient attention to your windows because they are very noticeable. Not only can the right window treatments help improve your home’s appearance (and therefore its value) but they can also help your home be more energy efficient by insulating it from extremes of light and temperature. The right window dressing ideas will also help make your home as private as you require.


There are indeed plenty of places that offer you ready-made window treatment solutions. You can choose from a wide variety of materials and styles available these days. As you plan, it is good to know some ideas you could use to beautify your home. After all, you’ll need to know how best to use the various products available to satisfy your home decoration needs.

8 Window Dressing Ideas

The following window dressing ideas will give you something to start thinking about and working on:

–       Your home will look really beautiful if you can let in as much natural light as possible. Pleated shades are a very good option for your room since they allow plenty of light into the room without compromising privacy.

–       Use shades made of bamboo, jute, handmade paper or woven grass; they are very popular these days. They go very well with minimalist or Asian inspired décor, but also look good in other room styles as well.

–       If you feel that your home has a very severe look because of all the straight lines created by the furniture, windows etc. then you could soften up the overall look with the help of valances. You don’t have to go as far as making the valances frilly but gentle arches are always a good option. A box pleated valance will also look very attractive.

–       Get a double curtain rod so that you can use thick and sheer curtains together. The sheer curtains let in sufficient light during the day while providing you plenty of privacy. You can draw the thick curtains shut in the evenings in case you require complete privacy.

–       Be adventurous in your choice of materials for curtains or fabric blinds while making sure they match the rest of the décor. Always remember to buy material in a complementary color for the back of the blind so that your house looks attractive from the outside when the blinds are down.

–       If the room has a lot of dark and bulky furniture then the windows should have light and airy curtains or the room will have an overpowering look. Simple blinds in white or off white, raw silk or linen are extremely elegant and will complement traditional looking furniture beautifully.

–       Different types of Roman shades can be used based upon the look of the room. A hobbled or tear drop fold is perfect if the room has an overstuffed and comfortable look. If the room looks contemporary then flat fold shades will be more appropriate.

–       If your home has large windows and you are going for a classic look then you ought to consider getting plantation-style shutters made to match the windows.

These window dressing ideas are only a starting point since there is so much you could do to make your home attractive and comfortable. Most stores that sell window treatment materials will also help you with other ideas for your home.

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